Currently, I am seeing clients online (via way of secure interactive video conferencing) and in-person if needed and circumstances allow.  I am offering the following services:

     Therapy for Individuals (Adults, Teens, Preteens), Couples, Families, Other Groupings

     Consultations (Parenting, Academic/Coping Skills, ADHD, etc.)  

Day and Evening Appointments Available.


Tele-Therapy (via secure live interactive videoconferencing) is a relatively new, time efficient alternative to In-Person Therapy. 


  • Clients (children and adults) who struggle to find time in their already busy schedules, to obtain the services they need in the comfort of their own homes, or another place of their choosing, at a time that will work for them. 
  • Busy professionals/parents the opportunity to obtain therapeutic services on their lunch hour at their office, or while they are on the road traveling for work, or on vacation.                  
  • Clients (children and adults) without transportation, homebound for health reasons, in rural communities without nearby services, or other reasons, to obtain services they need in their own homes.                                                                                                                          
  • To utilize my online services, all a client needs is a computer (with access to internet, camera, microphone, and speaker) and a private place to talk.                                                    

Tele-Therapy research is in its infancy.  However, some studies (including recent large meta-analyses, i.e., research that combines multiple studies) have compared online and in-person therapy and found no significant differences in client outcome, suggesting that Tele-Therapy is as effective as in-person therapy for treating a wide range of mental health conditions. These mental health conditions included anxiety, depression, PTSD, trauma, with growing support for other mental health conditions.  Further research is needed and in progress.

Please Note:  Telepsychology services, however, are not appropriate for every client:  To determine if my online approach is appropriate for a potential client, I will assess client fit for my online services in my initial interview and share results at that time.     

Please feel free to call (770-377-6875) or email ( me for further information and/or questions you may have.          Looking forward to hearing from you!